Building Obsession, Shanghai

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I had a few architectural love affairs while in China. This was one of them.   I know far less about architecture than I’d like to, but there was something about this building which enchanted me. The bold concrete postmodern lines and its complete isolation from other skyscrapers made this monolith a striking bookend to the Bund.   You […]

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Hong Kong Texture

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Hong Kong is tactile.                    

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Gothic Melbourne

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I took this photo while crossing the road. The composition was initially a bit weird and the and I didn’t know what to do with it for a while. But cropped close you can see every beautiful detail of the spire of this iconic gothic Melbourne building.   Inspired by the Chicago Tribune Building, architect […]

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The neighbour.

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“Me and your friends, We run this town And keep on calling Until it all falls down.” – Wu Lyf It’s been a year and a half since I wrote an open letter regarding the demolition of Lonsdale House and Caledonian Lane.   Walking through what’s left of what was once arguable Melbourne’s most famous […]

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An Open Letter.

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Dear Melbourne City,   By allowing the demolition of Lonsdale House and Caledonian Lane to go ahead you have shown total disregard for Melbourne’s greatest asset – Culture, Heritage and History.   I implore you – listen to your people who cry out at this destruction. Listen to the anger and protest which so far […]

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