‘Twas the night before Christmas…’

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I didn’t just present to camera while at Energy Matters – I also wrote scripts for videos which were produced.   Last Christmas, I even wrote a little poetry.

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Hello, I’m Virginia. Welcome to the news!

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At Energy Matters I acted as news anchor for the company’s weekly (and later fortnightly) renewable energy news channel on YouTube. The video news began in September 2010 and until December 2012, by which time I had appeared in 77 episodes. You can view them on Energy Matters’ YouTube channel, or watch the one I […]

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Making something complex simple.

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Navigating the available government incentives and technicalities of solar components can be confusing to the average consumer. What makes it even worse is they don’t know what to expect in terms of service, paperwork, turn around times and so on. Buying solar for your home is not like buying a TV. That’s why my team and I […]

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A weekend in Mallacoota

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In 2011 I took a working holiday in Mallacoota. Energy Matters, the solar power system supply company I was working for at the time, had just installed close to 100 solar systems in the town, so I went to speak to some of its residents and soak up the natural beauty this part of Australia’s […]

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