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Summer Holiday

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I had a much needed summer holiday on Waiheke Island in Auckland’s harbour.   New Zealand is my recharge-place. It took me a week to get rid of my 2015-stuff*. Then it took me a week to unfurl and feel the lightness that came with letting things go. And then, I had a week to enjoy my holiday. […]

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Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2015

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What do we want? Brains! When do want it? Brains!   It was a beautiful Sunday in November, the day Melbourne was inundated by hordes of the walking dead, as the annual Melbourne Zombie Shuffle groaned and screeched it’s way through town.                             […]

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What does it mean to be human?

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“Authenticity [of being human] does not depend on whether the being in question has been manufactured or born, made of flesh and blood or of electronic circuits. The issue cannot be decided by physiological criteria,” writes N. Katherine Hayles in her book, How We Became Posthuman.   As we become more and more entertwined with machines, […]

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Building Obsession, Shanghai

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I had a few architectural love affairs while in China. This was one of them.   I know far less about architecture than I’d like to, but there was something about this building which enchanted me. The bold concrete postmodern lines and its complete isolation from other skyscrapers made this monolith a striking bookend to the Bund.   You […]

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Hong Kong Texture

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Hong Kong is tactile.                    

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China Diary Part 9: The Terracotta Warriors

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I’m not sure what is most impressive about the Terracotta Warriors; the fact that this art work was created in 209 BCE, the epic scale of the army sculpted to protect Emporor Qin Shi Huang, or the incredible detail and individuality of each soldier.   The army was discovered in 1974 when a farmer drilled a well and […]

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