Real Australians say welcome.

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Real Australians say welcome.


Real Australians extend their ‘mateship’ even to those who don’t look the same as they do.


Real Australians don’t call someone ‘unAustralian’ for not drinking beer, or for not eating pork.


Real Australians know that building community away from drugs, violence and homelessness does not equate to a ‘lifestyle choice’.


Real Australians believe that all Australians should be treated equally and have a ‘fair go’.


And real Australians believe that even those who are not Australians, should have that same ‘fair go’, because we are The Lucky Country after all – why not share our luck around?


Let’s stop with the hate and distrust already. The racism, the homophobia, the sexism, the awful shit we wish upon others who are ultimately breathing, emotion-filled flesh bags just like the rest of us.


Real Australians say welcome.




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