Carlisle Street Festival

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One of the things I love about Melbourne is the incredible cultural diversity of this city.


My little ‘hood, Balaclava is a fine example of how many people from different walks of life live here and today’s Carlisle Street Festival was a celebration of that.


The Carlisle Street shopping precinct is unique because most of the traders are independent retailers, as opposed to the mega-chain shops found elsewhere. There is excellent coffee on every corner and friendly, personal service in most of the shops. Just look at those smiles on the girls from Carlisle Accessories! That’s what this place is all about.


This year was the festival’s first year, and I’m hoping the next one will be even bigger and better. Keep it up, City of Port Phillip.


Parvyn and Josh 1


Parvyn and Josh 2


Carlisle Accessories 1


Carlisle Accessories 2


Carlisle Street Festival 7


Carlisle Street Festival 10


Carlisle Street Festival 12


It's Mario


African Drummers 1


African Drummers 2


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