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One of my favourite activities during my time at Energy Matters was writing case studies on some of the company’s commercial solar installations. Talking to the happy customers (usually environmental managers, PR and marketing personnel or the business owners themselves), was incredibly satisfying. But it wasn’t just about getting great testimonials from clients. A large part of the job was also working with Energy Matters’ Technical Team to get an understanding of the complexities of the job, logistical challenges and interesting aspects of the installations.


From ground mounted and remote solar installations to inner city office blocks and public buildings, each case study tells a unique story. In total I wrote 11 commercial and 5 residential case studies for the company.


With such great stories to tell, the division’s webspace needed an overhaul to display them effectively, as well as showcase their USP and ultimately motivate the right kind of clientele to get in touch. SEO is crucial to the company’s marketing strategy, so I had to bare that in mind while writing the content, without sacrificing elements which had been identified as crucial to attract potential customers.


After many weeks investigating consumer behaviour, looking at competitor websites and consulting with the Commercial Solar Team, I developed the content for a brand new commercial website and facilitated its roll out with the company’s graphic designer and IT Development Team.


You can view my handy work here.



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