Case Study: Goulburn-Murray Water Solar Installation

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The following is a case study written by Virginia Streit about a solar installation by Energy Matters, a leading commercial solar solutions supplier.

For Goulburn-Murray Water (G-MW), Australia’s largest rural water authority, minimising environmental impact is crucial to the organisation’s sustainability.

The decision to purchase a solar power system was driven by a desire to minimize G-MW’s carbon footprint and to achieve its corporate sustainability objectives.

Not for profit GV Community Energy stepped in to provide G-MW with an independent assessment of Energy Matters’ proposed ground mounted solar solution, ensuring the size and quality of the system would suit their needs.

Since G-MW wanted to feed as little electricity back into the grid as possible, Energy Matters sized the system to suit the facility’s energy consumption.

The system features Energy Matters’ very own Australian designed and manufactured SunLock GroundLock mounting system.

The payback time of the system should be just over 5 years, based on the retail rate of electricity and inflation.

“Goulburn-Murray Water is committed to the prevention of pollution and environmental protection”, said Kane Dougherty, G-MW Senior Project Manager. “We had allocated a budget to sustainability initiatives and felt generating electricity from solar was a smart investment as well as a green one.”

The estimate annual output of this system is  33,500kWh; enough to power over 5 average Australian homes. The system will avoid 41 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.


Source: Energy Matters

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