Case Study: Port Macquarie Library Solar Installation

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The following is a case study written by Virginia Streit about a solar installation by Energy Matters, a leading commercial solar solutions supplier.

With funding received from the NSW Government’s Waste and Sustainability Improvement Payment Program, Port Macquarie Hastings Council moved to invest in a solar power system for its library to help reduce operational costs.

The Council conducted its own feasibility study, to determine the optimal size based on electricity consumption and where the solar array should be situated. The project went to tender in February 2012.

The 27 tender submissions received were narrowed down to five, and evaluated on a variety of criteria, including price, experience, quality of components, warranties, installers and public education displays.

“We chose Energy Matters because they provided quality product at the most competitive price”, said the Council’s Buildings Coordinator, Brian Ross. “We expect that the installation of this solar power system to achieve electricity cost savings in the vicinity of $33,000 to $35,000.”

Local installers Stuart Watson & Associates were contracted to install the 99kW system across the complex roof of the library. The roof angles allowed for two northern solar arrays and one eastern-facing array. The arrays reach their peak generation at different times of the day, depending on the location of the sun, helping to ensure consistent power generation throughout the day.

“We’re excited that Port Macquarie Library is now solar powered”, said Mr Ross. “And as visitors to the library can view its output and other details about the array on our in house display, we’re sure they’ll get excited about solar too.”


Source: Energy Matters

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