Case Study: DEXUS Property Group Solar Installation

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The following is a case study written by Virginia Streit about a solar installation by Energy Matters, a leading commercial solar solutions supplier.

As part of the NABERS Energy Improvement program, DEXUS Property Group decided to install a 45kW solar power system on the roof of one of their properties in Canberra.

Energy Matters’ technical engineering team carefully analyzed the building’s electricity consumption throughout all seasons, before choosing the size of the system. With Using the Ullrich Aluminium solar system in Hume (ACT) as an example, the team ensured that even in the unlikely event that optimal solar conditions and the building’s lowest annual electricity load coincide, the amount of electricity exported to the grid would be minimal.

DEXUS’ seven story building houses government departments and is situated at one end of the popular Garema Court shopping strip. With a lot of pedestrians and traffic all around it, the logistics of getting 195 solar panels onto the roof was no mean feat.

“There were a lot of details we had to factor in while planning this project”, said Energy Matters Commercial General Manager, James Walker. “Traffic management, lifting the panels onto the rooftop of such a high building, The whole project was completed over a weekend because we couldn’t block off any streets.”

“Energy Matters has delivered a solar solution on time and on budget, which has improved our NABERS energy rating, enhancing the value of the building while reducing our electricity costs”, said Paul Wall, DEXUS Capex and Energy Manager.

Source: Energy Matters

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