Data Set 1: Diversity of ABC’s Q&A panelists – 2016

ABC’s controversial panel show is frequently accused of showing lack of diversity, or as reinforcing the public broadcaster’s possible political bias. Full disclaimer: I am a regular viewer of this television show, however frequently find myself disagreeing with many of the panelists, regardless of which end of the political spectrum they represent.


But I am curious: does Q&A have a political bias? Does the panel reflect Australia’s diversity? Does its host, Tony Jones, really interrupt conservative panelists more than others? Let’s find out!


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Notes on this data:

1. Collection is manual and conducted during the airing of the weekly Q&A program on ABC on Monday nights.
2. Data will be updated every Tuesday.
3. Gender and racial classification based on what can be interpreted from representation on the show, or what is included in panelist profiles on
4. The term “white” is admitedly problematic, however is being used here as a catch-all term to describe light-skinned individuals who do not fit into other racial categories.
5. Any questions about this data, feedback about my methods, or corrections, please don’t hesitate to contact me.