Data Nerding

I like to collect data. Here are some of my favourite collections.



Data Set 1: Diversity of ABC’s Q&A Panelists – 2016

ABC’s controversial panel show is frequently accused of showing lack of diversity, or as reinforcing the public broadcaster’s possible political bias. Full disclaimer: I am a regular viewer of this television show, however frequently find myself disagreeing with many of the panelists, regardless of which end of the political spectrum they represent.


But I was curious: does Q&A have a political bias? Does the panel reflect Australia’s diversity? Does its host, Tony Jones, really interrupt conservative panelists more than others?


Let’s find out!


Data Set 1: ABC’s Q&A



Data Set 2: Hours spent exercising vs alcohol consumed

Because why not? I like to cycle, box and lift weights, but I also enjoy gin & tonics, wine and whiskey. Could there be a correlation?


Find out over the coming months here.


Data Set 2: Exercise vs Alcohol